Friday, August 06, 2010

Rohan goes to the Circus

Back in May, the circus was visiting Gainesville. Beth gave us some $5 tickets, so I decided to take Rohan. Sameer didn't make it from work in time to go, but it was just a short event for us anyway.

It was soooo hot that day, and Rohan kept asking to go to the potty over and over again. They had set up porta-potties, and we could luckily get the big, accessible one each time. But it was made of plastic and felt like a sauna inside. Every 10 minutes I was back in there, getting out Rohan's little travel potty seat and setting him up over and over. We ended up so hot and sweaty that we couldn't wait to leave! It turns out that he didn't really have to go to the bathroom - we discovered that's his response when he's stressed. (He didn't seem upset. Oh well, at least now we know...)

The part that was stressing Rohan was the show inside the tent. And I was surprised that he didn't even care to look at the elephants, giraffes, zebras, goats, etc. His favorite thing? The big trucks parked in the field that all the circus equipment arrived in! Those and the little train ride, which we went on two times.


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