Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rohan and the Baby

This morning, Rohan and I went to Cofrin Park for an Alachua County Mamas meetup. It was our first time in the 18-36 months-old group, so everyone was new to us. But people were really friendly, and it was so precious to watch all the little kids running around the park. Rohan really enjoyed the playground, and there was even a craft around the letter K (we glued things together to make a kite). But by far, the thing Rohan enjoyed most was hanging out with this little baby. She was poking his face and pulling his hair, and he didn't even care! She was just sitting randomly in a stroller - I couldn't even tell who was her mother! Turned out her mom was helping another of her kids on the swings. But we got to entertain her in the meantime...


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