Saturday, June 05, 2010

"More money!"

This morning we grabbed our stuff and ran out to Starbucks on the way to Cofrin Park. After only 10 minutes at the park, it started to rain. One of Rohan's favorite books is called What Can You Do in the Rain? So, as we headed for shelter under the trees, he stood there sticking his tongue out like the character on the page that says "Taste a raindrop". He was so thrilled to be doing just what the boy does in the book, it was cute!

When it really started to pour, we headed for some indoor fun at the mall.

We avoided the Sears entrance today, because he goes berzerk over the ride-on lawn mowers they have set out front. (We let him sit on one last time--little did we know we'd never get past them again!) So we went in the main food court entrance where there is a little fountain that people throw coins in to benefit a cause. Sameer gave him a few pennies to throw in. After they were gone, Rohan demanded, "More money!" I guess that's a phrase we will hear for years to come!! Ha ha...


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