Sunday, May 23, 2010

Growing in Leaps and Bounds - New Sentences, Counting to 20

I'm told most kids know 10-50 words by their second birthday. Rohan knew about 15-20 at his first birthday. Now at 19 months he's coming out with new sentences nearly every day.

He just amazes us. And it's not so much the fact that he can string together words, it's that the ones he says are all perfectly correct! Here are a couple examples.

1. Sitting at the dining table to eat lunch, he often plays with a little toy airplane hat he brought home from his friend Jared's house one day. The propellor falls off, as it is broken, but you can actually stick it back in the hole and spin it a bit. HE LOVES TO SPIN THINGS! So the other day as we were eating lunch, he holds the two pieces out to me and says, "Put it in", since he can't quite put the pin of the propellor in it himself.

2. Driving in the car, he often specifies which music he wants to listen to. Lately it's all about "Nanna's music". (Mom sent us a CD of her iPod playlist he really liked last time she visited. There's one song at the beginning that's a mix of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World set to the ukele - that's his favorite song now.) Yesterday we were driving home from the park and he started saying "Nanna's music" even though it was already playing. We were trying to figure out what he wanted, when he paused and then finally said, "Turn it up!" We have no idea where he even learned that!

He also says "pick it up" , "put it back", "take it off", "put it on". "Just yogurt" if I try to sneak a bite of fruit in between his spoons of yogurt". "Mommy needs the ball getter" - this one is funny. Daddy has a way of saying "Mommy NEEEEEDDDSSS to blah blah blah". Now Rohan is copying how Sameer says this and adding his own things on the end! We have a long lint remover for the dryer that we've dubbed the "ball getter", since it's good for getting balls that have rolled under the couch. He says "Rohan's room" when he wants us to go to his room to play, "sit down" once we get there to make sure we stay.

I think his first little sentence was "Eat this" when he'd go to the fridge and pull out a yogurt. Next, it was "Mommy get it", when didn't want to get something himself.

Probably his cutest phrase is "be careful". He says this every time he slides himself off the bed, as we said it so often to him as he was learning to get down himself. Now, if we're walking somewhere and I say "be careful", he stops and looks around and is super cautious about making a move. He knows that phrase means business!

Oh, and get this. Neither Sameer nor I knew he could count to 20. He surprised me one day when thought I'd start introducing the numbers after 10. Sameer said he'd gone up to 12 with him. But he kept going right up to 20! (Well, he really liked 17, so he kept coming back to that one afer 18 and 19...) Seems the counting app on the iPod is responsible for this...


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