Saturday, May 22, 2010

A good Saturday

This was the scene until about 10 pm. Usually Rohan is in bed by 8 pm, but he was still going strong quite late today. The problem was that he had to keep peeing every 20 minutes. We must have given him too much to drink after playing at the park this evening! So I let him play with the iPod while I took a break to eat dinner at 9:30...

Earlier this evening, we were at Westside Park. There were so many other kids there, and Rohan was having a blast running from one thing to the next. We have some funny videos but I haven't figured out how to post them here, yet.

This morning, we went for brunch at Sisters in Haille Plantation. We forgot that it was also the farmer's market, so it was super busy.

Finally, a photo of mom and Rohan together! It always looks like it's just Rohan and daddy, since I'm the one taking the pictures...

And after brunch and putting the boys to sleep for their afternoon nap, mommy had some fun time cruising the mall...


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